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CatwalkHQ is an new and exciting Irish brand where out main focus is on creating luxury beauty products through science and innovation. All our cosmetic products are lovingly manufactured right here in Ireland using only the finest ingredients and components to ensure only the best product goes on your skin.
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Golden Rules of Spray Tanning

Golden Rules of Spray Tanning


Protecting the skin from the sun is so important and to avoid sun damage it’s necessary to use sunscreen. However with all the SPF coverage it can be difficult to get that golden tan you dream of.

I bet if you ask any women, they will tell you they always feel 110% better with a tan. A CatwalkHQ spray tan is luxury and it comes without the skin damage of the sun or tanning beds.

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Follow our Golden Rules for the perfect Spray Tan:

Location Location Location

With over 100 beauty salons / clinics using CatwalkHQ Professional Tanning Solution it’s easy to find one near you. Email to find out more and you will find a list of our stockists HERE.

Timing is Key

We recommend you always try a spray tan a month before your event or party. This will allow you to determine the colour that best suits you. Once you have found the shade that looks best on you, schedule your appointment. Keep in mind a spray tan looks better two days after the application.

Prep Work

Given yourself at least 24 hours before you spray tan to prep your skin. Exfoliate with an oil-free body scrub and shave or wax at least 24 hours before you spray tan.

Bare is Best

Stop!!! No need to apply a full face of makeup or any products for that matter.  Arrive to your appointment with fresh, clean skin to achieve the best possible application.  Avoid deodorant and perfume too!!

Dress wisely

Choose your underwear wisely, bikini, underwear, bra… the tan will transfer so avoid wearing your favourites and best to choose loose fitted dark clothing after your spray tan.

Shower Secret

The solutions can take anywhere from 8-12 hours to develop so don’t shower too soon.  Avoid major rubbing just rinse under the shower only washing your privates parts and under arms.  Don’t freak out when you get out of the shower… you will find your tan can lighten but we promise it will continue to deepen.  

Moisturise galore

To prolong the life of your spray tan stay moisturise.  This will give your tan a beautiful glow and minimise any patchy areas.  

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