Can you fake tan your face?

Can you fake tan your face?

Catwalk HQ Self Tan contains extracts which are high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and are superfoods for your skin such as Goji Berry Extract, Red Raspberry Extract, Aloe Vera and Ginkgo Biloba Extract.

The unique combination of amino acids, hyaluronic acid and super extracts make the Catwalk HQ tanning experience an easy yet luxurious treat for your skin, perfect to apply to your face.

Our tip for applying fake tan to your face is to use a foundation brush. Use a coin size amount of the tan around your face in quick circular motions. A good guide is to apply where the sun naturally hits: nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Blend just as you would with foundation.

We also suggest you apply your usual serums but avoid a heavy moisturiser as this can tend to leave a residue which may interfere with applying the actual fake tan. Another tip is to leave your serums a few minutes for it to penetrate into the skin properly.

While waiting for the tan to fade its important to keep your skin hydrated. Use a hyaluronic-acid based serum which will plump up your skin and leave it looking healthy and fresh. It’s even more important that you don't forget to use SPF. Always protect your skin.

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