How To Maintain Your Spray Tan On Holidays

How To Maintain Your Spray Tan On Holidays

A spray tan for going on holidays is almost a must for every tan lover these days! To make sure you have the perfect holiday glow step into a salon before you jet off to the sun.

Here are our top tips to maintain your spray tan on holidays:

Go for a trial

Book a trial with your tanning consultant a couple of weeks before you leave. They can discuss your options with you and help you to decide which of the professional products will work best for you. CatwalkHQ Professional Spray Tan is quick drying, water resistant with an even wear off. Development time is as follows:

Light tan - 2 hours
Medium tan - 3 hour
Dark tan - 4 hours +

The perfect timing

Try to organise your spray tan as close to your departure date as possible. With high quality spray tan solution such as CatwalkHq tan it should last for 4-5 days and will look best for the first 3-4 days.

Prep the skin before you tan

To help your tan last make sure to wax or shave a day or so beforehand and wash off any remaining beauty products. Exfoliate your skin and avoid applying any other lotions or moisturisers. It’s always a good idea to brush your teeth before you tan or you could risk having uneven patches around your mouth if you decide to brush your teeth afterwards.

Take a cool shower

By having cool showers on a low power setting will help to keep your tan in place for longer. Afterwards, gently pat your skin dry and apply a lotion which contains ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and sweet almond oil. Your skin will look and feel healthy and it will enhance your sun-kissed look.

Avoid oily lotions 

Many SPFs are oil based, and it’s a well known fact that oil strips tan from the skin. To make the most of your tan on holiday, opt for an oil-free sunscreen with a 5* UVA rating allowing you to protect your skin and your tan!

You may also like to try CatwalkHQ Self Tan Mousse in Dark or Medium.

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